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may 17th

Great weekend to dive! Surface temps are in the low 60s – still in the 40s at the bottom (brrrrrrrrrrrr!) Today’s picture is a Rescue Diver class getting ready to take to the water.

Undersea Outfitters

For those you haven’t heard – Undersea Outfitters will be re-opening soon! ¬†They have moved and are now in Westminster, ad 86b John St. Doors aren’t open yet, but Laird says they will be soon. Same phone (410-517-4999) and e-mail…
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Is it dive season yet?

Haven’t gotten word yet on when the quarry opens for 2014. Guess I need to stop by and bug George or Laird at Undersea Outfitters. In the meantime, here’s video from when they sank the Cessna last year.