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Winter Diving

Sorry for not posting this here earlier. For the Winter (until 4/1/2017) Hyde’s Quarry will be open by appointment. If you want to dive at Hyde’s on any weekend over the winter, call Undersea Outfitters at 410-517-4999 or Laird directly…
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Yard Sale

Undersea Outfitters will be hosting a Dive Shop Yard Sale at Hyde’s Quarry on September 10th and 11th. Dive shops are welcome to come set up gear for sale and demonstration. Unfortunately we have to restrict sales to shops only…
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Upcoming Extra Dive Days

In addition to the usual Saturday-Sunday diving hours, Hyde’s will be open for a couple more extra days in the upcoming weeks: Friday, July 1st – Hyde’s Happy Hour/First-Friday – 6PM until after dark (if folks want to night dive)…
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Quarry Open Sunday 2/21

Hyde’s Quarry will be OPEN for Diving on Sunday 2/21, starting at 11:00 AM. Viz has been exceptional lately. Yes, the water is cold – that’s why you have good exposure protection, right? 🙂

Wrapping up 2015

We finally have some more info on Quarry hours for the rest of 2015! Hyde’s Quarry will have it’s regular weekend hours this weekend (11/7-8) and next (11/14-15). After 11/15, you can still dive at the Quarry, but hours will…
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No more Wednesdays

Sorry, folks — there wasn’t enough turnout to make opening the quarry on Wednesday afternoon’s viable. As of 8/5, we’re back to weekends only. If you have a group that wants to dive though, call Laird at Undersea (410-517-4999) or…
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