About This Site

I started this site for one reason: To promote  diving at my local quarry. I earn nothing from any part of it – I pay to dive there like anyone else, and I pay for the website out of my own pocket. The site is an extension of my other hobby, diving.  My only goal is to help keep things active so I can dive locally without having to drive very far!

If you have specific questions about diving in the quarry – Call UnderSeaOutfitters – they lease and operate the Quarry and control what goes on there. They’re good guys and pretty flexible if you ask nicely 🙂  I have no say in any of it – I’m Just a Diver (and like it that way).

Unfortunately, due to spam, this site is pretty much a one-way venue. I don’t have the time to keep up with comments (though I might try it to see how it works). If you’re a local diver and a regular at the quarry and would like to contribute though, drop me a line at travisd@tubas.net and we can set something up.


See you at the Quarry!