Annual Memberships for 2016

We’ve had many requests for this over the years, so for 2016, UNDERSEA OUTFITTERS will be offering annual memberships to Hyde’s Quarry. This will make it possible for you to dive anytime the quarry is open, for one yearly price. Cost of this membership is $350.00 per person per year. For families, there will be a Family Membership for $550.00, that is good for two divers per family. These memberships will expire on December 31st 2016.

This means no more paying each time you want to go diving. If you go diving at Hyde’s more than 12 times in a year, you save money. As you may or may not know due to rising costs we have had to increase the daily rate for diving at Hyde’s to $30.00 per day. By offering yearly memberships, we are trying to keep local diving affordable for you!

Starting January 18, 2016, thru the end of February 2016, if you buy your membership from UNDERSEA OUTFITTERS, we will offer a 10% discount on the membership.

Membership cards will be available at the following dive shops:

Atlantic Edge
Aqua Ventures
Blue Marble Divers
Brass Anchor Scuba Center
Columbia Scuba
Diver’s Den
National Diving Center
Scuba Hut of Maryland
York Divers