Wrapping up 2015

We finally have some more info on Quarry hours for the rest of 2015!

Hyde’s Quarry will have it’s regular weekend hours this weekend (11/7-8) and next (11/14-15).

After 11/15, you can still dive at the Quarry, but hours will be by appointment only. Contact Undersea Outfitters at 410-517-4999 to schedule diving days.

Finally, Undersea Outfitters is doing a Demo Day for OTS Full Face Masks on 11/14-15. Contact the shop for more details  (410-517-4999) if you’re interesting in trying out this piece of gear.


No more Wednesdays

Sorry, folks — there wasn’t enough turnout to make opening the quarry on Wednesday afternoon’s viable. As of 8/5, we’re back to weekends only.

If you have a group that wants to dive though, call Laird at Undersea (410-517-4999) or stop into the dive shop and we’ll see if we can put something together for you.


Wednesday Evening Dives at the Quarry

Wednesday Diving is coming back!  Starting July 1st 2015, Hyde’s Quarry will be open for diving from 5pm until 9PM.  Great way to get out and dive for those of you with busy weekends.  We’ll even have the BBQ grill available if you want to cook dinner there.

Also, Undersea Outfitters has half-price gear rentals for Wednesday quarry dives. Gear must be rented at the shop. Undersea will be closing the shop at 4PM on Wednesdays so that they can open the quarry up. Call for more details – 410-517-4999.



Memorial Day Weekend 2015

Yes! Hyde’s Quarry will be open for Diving all three days of the upcoming Memorial Day weekend! If you haven’t been out diving yet this year, this is a great time to come get wet again. The fish have missed you!



The pool is open for the season!

Lots of divers out today for the first day of the season. Water is a little warmer than out usual April opening, but still a little chilly – mid 50’s on the surface. Viz is highly variable – above 20′ it’s great, but below that it can be a little murky. 


…And, we’re back!

Hyde Quarry will be OPEN FOR DIVING starting at 9AM, Saturday, May 2nd, 2015.

Everything stays the same as last year – $20/diver/day. Quarry hours will be 9AM until 1PM or so (depending on weather and turn-out).

To save some time, you can download the waiver from here and fill it out before you come up to dive. Pro-tip: Fill it out but leave the date blank, run off some copies, and then you just need to fill in the date each time you come up to dive! 

We’re looking forward to getting back in the pool again – see you there!


We don’t have details yet, but at this time, signs are looking good that the quarry will be open for diving this year! More news as it happens.