New Years Day 2017 Video

We had 17 divers signed in for 1/1/2017. Hyde’s is open now by appointment – call Undersea Outfitters at 410-517-4999 for availability. Regular weekends will resume in April. 

Quarry News

Start the new year off right with a dive! Bring your best exposure protection and get in the water on January 1st. We’ll be open at 10am! 


Quarry News

Sorry for not posting this here earlier. For the Winter (until 4/1/2017) Hyde’s Quarry will be open by appointment. If you want to dive at Hyde’s on any weekend over the winter, call Undersea Outfitters at 410-517-4999 or Laird directly at  410-218-3477 to schedule. 

Weather permitting, we will be open for a New Year’s Day dive (brrrrrrrr).  Sunday, 1/1/2017 at 9AM. 



Quarry News

Undersea Outfitters will be hosting a Dive Shop Yard Sale at Hyde’s Quarry on September 10th and 11th. Dive shops are welcome to come set up gear for sale and demonstration. Unfortunately we have to restrict sales to shops only at this time – not private sellers. All are welcome to come shop (and dive!).

Quarry News

Next First Friday at the Quarry is August 5th! Open at 6pm, and yes, night diving will be available.

If you’re planning to do a night dive, please let us know when you sign in.

Quarry News

In addition to the usual Saturday-Sunday diving hours, Hyde’s will be open for a couple more extra days in the upcoming weeks:

  • Friday, July 1st – Hyde’s Happy Hour/First-Friday – 6PM until after dark (if folks want to night dive)
  • Monday,  July 4th  – 9AM – Afternoon. Come out and get your dive on before hitting the Independence Day picnic circuit.
  • Friday, August 5th – Hyde’s Happy Hour/First-Friday, 6PM – ?

Also, the Waiver download has been updated. If you’re using the old one, please update it with the new one over on the Waiver page.  You can always sign in on-site, but to save a little time you can download and print this one to bring with you, ready to go. This is a great time-saver for groups/classes.

Quarry News

New for 2016 – We’re going to try Happy Hour diving at Hyde’s Quarry. On the first friday of the month, the quarry will be open for diving starting at 6:00 PM. We’ll stick around long enough for a night dive if anyone is interested.

All night divers MUST be in the water by 8:30 PM. Night diving will be in Buddy-pairs/teams only – no solo diving. Each diver will need a primary light, and a tank light of some sort. Glow Sticks will be available for purchase, or bring your own. Divers not equipped with proper lights must be out of the water by dusk.

The BBQ Grill will be fired up for Quarry Dogs, or feel free to bring your own stuff to char.

Entry fees are $30 per diver. A limited number of air cylinders will be available for rent. If you need any other rental gear, please contact Undersea Outfitters beforehand. (410-517-4999).

See you at the Quarry!

Quarry News

Hyde’s Quarry will be open for Diving on Monday, May 30th 2016 – Memorial Day. This is of course in addition to the usual Saturday and Sunday times.  Normal quarry hours apply.

Don’t forget, our inaugural First Friday hours will happen on June 3rd, opening at 5:30 PM.


Quarry News

If you weren’t aware, the quarry is now open for it’s regular summer hours – 8:30AM-2PM(ish).  The water is still a little chilly, but it’s continuing to warm up.


First Friday Happy Hour! Starting Friday, June 3rd we’ll be opening Hyde’s Quarry for evening hours on the first Friday of each month. Hours will be 5:30pm until 9pm. We will be doing night diving if there is interest! Anyone doing night diving must be signed in by 8:00, in the water by sunset, and provide their own light and a backup of some sort – tank light, strobe, or glow stick. This is an experiment and we’ll have some flexibility with this, especially for anyone interested in doing a night diving class.

The grill will be fired up for hotdogs – feel free to bring your own food to grill if you want. We’d love to see this become a community event for our diving friends.